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Courses & Training are carried out regularly at our training center in Mombasa and upon request, at client’s premises or onsite. All our training courses are of the highest standards.All of our trainers and consultants are highly qualified to degree level in their respective fields.
Kensafe is highly experienced, working with air and sea ports, pharmaceutical companies, leading manufacturers, government agencies, construction companies, engineering companies, hotels and restaurants in providing competent plant operators

Certification Centre

Certification Centre

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Qualified Trainers

Qualified Trainers

KenSafeTraining & Driving School Ltd has qualified trainers to train staff to the highest possible standards.

Kensafe Pass Card

Kensafe Pass Card

KenSafe Training & Driving School Ltdnow issue our KenSafe Pass Card to students who go through our courses and pass the exams.



This will prove to potential employers that this employee has been trained by KenSafe Ltd to DOSH Health & Safety standards and Machine Operation & Maintenance standards that can be verified upon request.

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Our Courses

Popular Courses
Ksh 14,000.00
Saloon Car B1

Lessons allows you to become more comfortable and confident behind the wheel. You will feel more safe driving and therefore won't be afraid to drive when you need to.

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Ksh 36,500.00

Particularly if a person does not have proper safety training. Proper forklift safety training is an ideal means to minimize fatalities.

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Ksh 8,000.00
Motor Bikes

Get the best quality motorcycle rider training classes. We aim at making riding safe and enjoyable

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Established in 1990

We Have a Vast experience and highly trained Instructors

Active Courses
Certified Teachers

Why Choose Us


We provide the highest quality training in a timely and accurate manner. As our Vision is to make Kenya a safer place to live and work.

Spacious Training Yard

At KTDS we have spacious training grounds where our students get an opportunity to learnt theory into practise especially on plant & machinery training.

Wide range of Courses

From Plant & Machinery to Truck, Motor Vehicle, Motor Bike driver training. Occupational H&S, Fire safety, First aid training and Defensive driving.

Equal Opportunities

We have opportunities for everyone to learn no matter of colour, creed, ethnicity or gender. We are also careful to include persons with disabilities (PWD) into our training programmes.

Quality Control

Our target for every student is zero to failure, this translates to us striving to have all students attain 100% success rate.

Safety Comes First

We ensure every student undergoes Health & Safety awareness, First aid and Fire safety which in itself is a separate qualification but the get a certificate which is offered for free.

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The company has three directors who are charged with the responsibility of running the company. The company directors are business people with several years of experience in sales and marketing.


ShareHolder & Director


Shareholder & Director


Shareholder & Director

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